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Blockchain Finance

  • Blockchain in Finance

  • Cryptocurrencies in Finance

  • AI in Finance


Unpublished Papers

  • Tokenized Loans - work in progress

  • Stable Coins - work in progress

  • Credit Scoring with AI - work in progress

Published Articles & Papers

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  • Global Finance Conference, Braga, 2022: Artificial Intelligence in Business Management

  • ENTFIN Conference, Trier, 2019: Tokenomics.

  • Crypto Valley Conference, Zug, 2019: Tokenization: Securitization x.0.

  • Global Finance Conference, Zagreb, 2019: Tokenomics.

  • 1st International Symposium on Entrepreneurship Blockchain and Crypto-Finance , Tunis, 2019: Tokenomics.

  • Global Finance Conference, Paris, 2018: The Secret Salary.


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  • University College London Centre for Blockchain Technologies, Research Associate

  • Digital Euro Association, Fellow